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Foraged Winter Wreath DIY

So I made a wreath, and then I made another wreath, and I took all the photos, and then…I talked myself out of posting about it because I’m not a “professional wreath maker” (I think that’s called a florist - WHATEVER). But my mantra is ‘progress over perfection’ — even if I forget it sometimes — so here’s how to make a not perfect wreath. If you want to make one, too, stick with me!

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Be Our Guest!

We love it when our friends and family come to visit, so much so that our guest bedroom was actually the first room we started renovating in the whole house! We’ve been very intentional about creating a comfortable and unique space for our loved ones to hang out in, and I thought it would be good to do a post on some of the things we’ve done to make our guest room extra-accommodating and fun!

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