September Thrift Style Challenge

Elizabeth and I go way back (i.e. all the way to my mall rat days!) and — thanks to social media — we have managed to keep in touch over the last several years. If you know Elizabeth, you know she has a serious passion for thrifting, as evidenced by her playful and chic Instagram content where she challenges others to consider secondhand clothing as a primary wardrobe source. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and when I approached her about doing a spin on her immensely popular “Come Thrift with Me” series on Instagram, she was totally up for the challenge. 

Our mission: Pull inspo from our favorite Instagrammers and recreate their signature style with finds from the thrift store.

Initially, I was a little anxious about whether we would be able to pull this off, but the end result was even better than I anticipated! It didn’t hurt that the Goodwill we picked from is the size of a shopping mall….ha!




Instagram: @annawinck, @linneklund, @mikaelahallen @hannastefansson

How would you describe her/their style?: Lately, I have been so inspired by Scandinavian girls on Instagram! These style rebels are taking my inspiration by storm with loud prints, saturated hues, 80s influences, and undeniable odes to all things vintage. I love that they fearlessly embrace being excessively girly, but always balance their look with an athletic sneaker, undone hair, or something that reads a little more "tough girl" and less "sweet as pie." They have a child-like approach to dressing, so take note and pile on the accessories, mix tie dye and polka dots, treat pink like a neutral....and there you go — magic.


Why did you choose this style?: I love how these style influencers and Scandinavian culture in general doesn't take fashion too seriously. It is refreshing to get back to the core of playing dress up and not worrying about being "chic" or "put-together." I find it exciting to get dressed with the sole purpose of expressing yourself creatively and embracing a persona. Americans typically dress for function and comfort, while these style mavens aren't afraid to push boundaries and demand a few double-takes. This challenge has encouraged me to bring some Scandinavian ideals into my day-to-day...Why not?!




Instagram: @drewdylanlex

How would you describe her style?: She wears a lot of black, white, and tan with an occasional pop of blood orange or leopard print. She's minimalist in that way. But she also loves embellishments and sequins and knows how to really push the boundaries with a look. She has quite the collection of blazers. She loves a good hat. All in all I would say very cool girl with an edge. Her looks are always accessorized by her incredible jewelry collection (check out @dylanlex to see her ridiculously stunning pieces). 


Why did you choose this style?: I am obsessed with Drew’s style. I don’t think it’s an insane departure from how I dress currently, just amplified a bit. I love how she juxtaposes edgier pieces with more polished pieces. A graphic tee with a more glam skirt (typically fashioned out of a shawl or some other item). An oversized blazer that’s belted to look like a dress with a few @dylanlex necklaces layered on. 10/10 would absolutely raid her closet if ever given the opportunity.

Did we pull this off? Head to Elizabeth’s instagram stories* for an up close look at our shopping adventures and to see the looks we recreated!

*Stories will be available for viewing in the Thrift Challenge highlight on Elizabeth’s page after 24 hours!


PSSSSST! Do you go thrifting? Any favorite spots in Nashville!

Let us know — we might pop up there next!