Your Official #hotgirlsummer Playlist on Spotify!

I stumbled upon last summer’s playlist while trying to tidy up my Spotify account (does anyone else do that? just me?), and I decided it was high time to whip up another one! I don’t know what it is about summer that gets me in that zone. I just seem to have more memories attached to music during the summer than any other season. Maybe it’s because summer is when we let loose and adventure and connect more consistently than any other season. Who knows! But if you’re looking for something to jam to as you enjoy the quiet hum of the air conditioner from your living room, this will work for you, too ;) An exciting byproduct of making last year’s playlist that I hadn’t accounted for was you guys sending your meticulously curated playlists back to me. Pleeease do that again!

This playlist is comprised of some of my favorite female voices and, per usual, is extremely pop driven. If you’ve yet to fully embrace the #hotgirlsummer lifestyle, have no fear! You’ve still got roughly 60 days to get your HGS on. And what better way to get started than with a super fun playlist?!

So here you go! CLICK HERE to go to your Spotify app, or listen in the embedded player. Enjoy!