I'm Still Here

We’re officially halfway through 2019, and if this year is turning out completely differently than you anticipated, I am here to tell you — you’re not alone! 

A few months ago I unexpectedly lost my job, and — dramatic as it may sound — it has kind of created this whole upheaval of my life. My husband suggested taking a little bit of time off rather than jumping right into something. This has been fairly unsettling, largely due to the fact that I have been working since I was 12 and have a lot of financial responsibilities (yay, student loans!). Graduating at the height of the recession, it took a good long while before I landed on something that felt like a solid career path. I really threw myself into my work and just as I had hit my stride, BAM! The rug was pulled out from under me.

I wish I could say there’s been a lot of reflection and soul searching during this time, but no. I started about 10 different projects around the house and have fully thrown myself into the distraction of endless renovations. It feels better than sorting through all of the junk in my brain. And hey, the house is starting to really come together! There’s still so much to do. Traditionally, July is the month we (pay someone to) tackle big projects. In 2017 we had the popcorn ceiling removed in the living room. In 2018 we had the exterior remodeled (fresh paint, new windows and trim — still need to replace the garage door that’s currently rotting off the side of the house, oops!). I don’t know what this year will bring. I certainly have the time. The skills? *crickets* But I’m committed to keeping our track record strong. Really, all that’s left are big projects. Not sure it’s the smartest move to leave the most expensive rooms to renovate (kitchen and bathrooms) for last, but that’s what’s happening over here! Maybe I’ll repaint the kitchen cabinets and update the hardware. Or maybe I’ll re-tile the guest bathroom. Whatever it is, I’ll be sure to report back with updates!

I haven’t had much clarity over the last few months, but all of my projecting has made me realize I’m definitely interested in interior design. The fact that I’ve found comfort in being in my house and making it my little (dog 😂) sanctuary is very telling. When everything initially happened, I couldn’t imagine working in a different industry. But now I’m much more open to treating this as an opportunity to pursue a different — and possibly even more fulfilling — path. I’m finally ready to dip my toe in the water and put myself out there. It’s scary as hell, but I’m giving it a shot. 

That being said, the kindness of so many of you has really uplifted me in what would otherwise be a pretty dark and tumultuous time, so thank you for encouraging me to be brave and vulnerable and patient. I know this will ultimately be a good thing, and I’m surrendering to the universe. We’ll see what happens!

Lastly, I’m definitely getting back to writing. I took a bit of a hiatus with all of the craziness going on. This morning, I was trying to rack my brain for a good summer house project, and felt strongly compelled to write for the first time in a while. And that felt GOOD. Also, writing this post turned into three different posts #CLASSICNATALIE so you can count on more frequent musings and such in the future. Stay tuned...

All my love!