Are You Sweating Out the Holidays?

It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeeeear! But sometimes, it’s also the most stressful! Finding just the right gifts. Meticulously cleaning before your relatives come into town. Trying to avoid eating all the yummy design components at your friend’s gingerbread house building party (just me??). Even Santa’s most steadfast elf would crack under the pressure! But have no fear, I have a solution for you (and a freebie, too!)!


I discovered Native from a friend’s Instagram story (hi, Ashley!). She posted that she really liked her deodorant, and I was intrigued. Who brags about liking their deodorant? But she did, and I had been searching for a cleaner deodorant option, so I decided to give them a closer look. *Spoiler alert* I’m now the person bragging about my deodorant 😂

Native is cruelty free! It doesn’t contain questionable ingredients like aluminum, sulfates, or parabens. Actually, all of the ingredients are words you can pronounce, which is incredibly rare in the beauty industry. It doesn’t build up over time. It’s very easy to rinse off. The best part? It smells AMAZING. They have a variety of options, including a seasonal Candy Cane scent that I’m adding to cart as we speak. I purchased a seasonal fruit fragrance over the summer, and I was nervous one day that my fresh fruit scent had transitioned to rotten fruit amidst hauling a bunch of heavy packages into UPS. And it hadn’t! It had just become a little less fragrant. I usually apply my deodorant in the evening before I go to bed (I feel like I read that I should do that somewhere?), but even if I apply in the morning or touch up throughout the day, I never see it on my clothing. It feels fresh and dry, not goopy or gel-like. I’ve never had a reaction to it (other than massive heart eyes!). I am obsessed. And I think you will be, too!

If you would like to try it for yourself, I have a special link you can use to get a FREE travel size Native deodorant of your choice with the purchase of a full size deodorant! I keep mine in my carry on for work travel, but it’s small enough to keep in your purse, gym bag, side door of your car — anywhere you might need a little touch up! Travel sizes also make great stocking stuffers! They really are the perfect size to carry around.

With free shipping and free returns, you have nothing to lose (except maybe some really great smelling underarms), so hop to it!


Smell ya later! 😜