Winter is Coming: Beauty Regimen Update!


This Friday is officially the first day of winter, and while the temps aren’t super frigid in Nashville, they’re bound to get there soon! If you’re looking to step up your beauty regimen, the time is now! Bonus! Most companies are running sales to boost their end of the year numbers so you can get a lot of these products at a discount. Also, a lot of companies do value sets of their best selling products around the holidays (which you can sometimes combine with a discount!). And you can always put these items on your Christmas list. It’s not too late (Hello, online shopping!). Here are some items I’m using to keep my skin and hair hydrated and happy during the cooler months.

Rose quartz Facial Roller.jpg

I have never dealt with puffy eyes — except in the aftermath of binge watching Queer Eye — until very recently. Lately, allergies have me looking like I got punched in the face. Not cute! I ordered this Rose Quartz Facial Roller by Skin Gym ($28), and I’m loving it so far. It’s dual sided, so the smaller end is ideal for the delicate eye area. The larger end is great for everywhere else. And it has a tutorial on the back of the package so you know exactly how to use it. I keep mine in the fridge to help up the depuffing factor, and I use it for a few minutes after applying my serum to help it absorb better.


I think people neglect to exfoliate in the winter months because our skin is naturally more dry. But that’s the reason you should exfoliate! Get that top layer of dead skin off so your products can penetrate the surface instead of just sitting on top and doing nada! These Facial Radiance Pads by First Aid Beauty ($30) are great because they’re quick and easy to use. They have glycolic acid, which helps break down that top layer and hyaluronic acid, which is a humectant that keeps skin moisturized and radiant. I use them after cleansing in the evenings to keep my skin clear and make the most out of my pricey skincare products!


Drink Up Intensive by Origins ($17.50) is an amazing mask that is so good, the larger size is out of stock on their website! I find myself using this more during the cooler months because I can apply it before bed and leave it on overnight for the intense hydration my skin needs. What’s easier than that? This is great to use after exfoliating, too! Highly recommend.


I’ve been using the Luna Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley ($55) for a few weeks and liking it so far! It has retinol, which helps with fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a blend of other oils for hydration and radiance. I purchased it in this set from Sephora, and I am OBSESSED with Good Genes. Good Genes and those Facial Radiance Pads are helping tame a weird breakout I’m experiencing. Facial oils are available at every budget level, and they’re great to use on their own or cocktailed with your moisturizer. You can also use them on your hair and body for extra moisture and glow!

eye mask.jpg

Yes, I’ve already told you about my obsession with the Grace & Stella Anti Wrinkle + Energizing Eye masks ($34.95). But did you try them?? Because they’re incredible! I keep these in the fridge or my carry on bag (except for lately because I’m out of them and having a mini crisis). They’re gold, they feel so good on, and they really do work. Also, at $1.46 a set, they’re extremely affordable compared to their competitors. Highly recommend. Go ahead and get the 24 pack. You can thank me later ;)


I had been eyeing the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask at Sephora ($20) for a while, and when a former coworker (hi, Danielle!) urged me to purchase, I added to cart immediately. I almost exclusively wear matte lipsticks, and this time of year has me struggling! I haven’t even gotten to try it yet, but 100+ 5 star reviews can’t be wrong. Excited to integrate this into my nightly routine!


I am so not a chapstick person, but one of my salons has a jar of Hurraw! Lip Balm ($4) at the front desk, and the packaging was so cute I had to purchase. It doesn’t have the grit of a chapstick. It’s more of a subtle gloss, which I love. I have the grapefruit in my purse, and the mint in my bathroom vanity, but they have a ton of flavors! Their products are made with organic, vegan, & raw ingredients, so you can feel good about using them. AND they’re only $4!

Ren Circle.jpg

Don’t forget about your hair! The Renaissance Circle by Davines ($9.50) is incredible. Whether your hair is color treated or just needing a little extra boost, this mask will revitalize dull, porous hair in only 10 minutes! You can also slick your hair back and leave it on for the day for those cool girl vibes, all while giving your tresses the TLC they deserve! You can get multiple uses out of this pack or multi-mask with other Circles for the ultimate experience.

Slip Silk.jpg

I purchased a knockoff of the Slip Pillowcase last month to see if I could tell a difference, and I definitely can! My hair feels less tangly (especially underneath!), and my skin doesn’t feel bone dry when I wake up. These pillowcases tout anti-aging properties and absorb less of your moisturizer (which means less product you have to use, so basically, this will pay for itself #logic). The caramel color is super luxe, but you can get some of the other colors for 30% off right now at Anthropologie! And if silk is out of your budget, you can always try satin.


If you listen to anything I say, let it be this: Pottery Barn reeeeally knows how to make a bathrobe. I got this Faux Fur Hooded Bathrobe in Gray Tipped Alpaca (on sale for $103!) for Christmas last year, and I lived in it until warmer weather came along and I nearly had a heat stroke in my own home. It’s fluffy and warm. The faux fur-lined hood is oh so cozy. It comes in a few colors, but I got gray because #dogs. It also has pockets! It’s seriously perfect. I would recommend to every single person I know (even the ones I don’t like).

What’s on your list to try out this season? Let me know in the comments!